I began my career as a maternity nurse in 1998, shortly after the birth of my son. My own breastfeeding experience was difficult, as I struggled with pain and low milk supply. When my daughter was born, I again struggled with milk supply, along with food allergies and infant colic. At the time, I had little help and few resources for lactation support.

After many years working in the hospital postpartum unit, I decided to specialize as a lactation nurse. I now have the experience and expertise to provide the help to others that I wish I’d had myself. I currently work in a hospital and clinic in San Francisco, and consult with hundreds of patients, addressing a wide range of lactation challenges and infant feeding issues. I also provide training and education to nurses in our maternity, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, and worked as master IBCLC preceptor for the UC San Diego Extension Lactation Program. I’m a member of the Kaiser Newborn Care Center Lactation Committee, and the medical advisory board at BabyCenter.com.*

My private services include prenatal education, postpartum hospital and home visits, ongoing lactation support by video, phone, or email, and guidance for parents as they transition back to work.  I founded Call the LC with a passion for ensuring the health and happiness of parents and children, and a dedication to making breastfeeding successful and enjoyable for new families. Call the LC prepares you for breastfeeding from the very beginning and continues to provide support and guidance throughout your breastfeeding journey.

I grew up in San Francisco, and received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing at San Francisco State University. I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2008. Besides all things lactation, I love farmers markets, homemade soups, and picnics in the park.

*Call the LC is independently owned and operated, and has no affiliation with the above mentioned organizations.