Breastfeeding Basics Prenatal Education $275

Expectant parents learn why breast milk is the best nutrition for their baby and discover what to expect after birth, learn to recognize infant feeding cues and position baby comfortably for breastfeeding. This two hour session includes valuable information to maximize milk supply, hands-on demonstrations, breast assessment and an informational newborn packet to prepare mother and her partner for their new arrival.

Recommended for mothers with difficulty breastfeeding her older children, previous breast surgery, history of hormonal imbalances, anxiety, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions.

Private Lactation Consultation $350

Parents are provided with hands-on help breastfeeding their new baby. Includes assessment of infant feeding and mother’s milk supply, pre and post-feeding weight check, assistance with breast pumps and a comprehensive, personalized infant feeding plan. An initial consultation is approximately two hours and includes one week of support by phone or email.

Follow-up Home Visit $275

Continue to receive hands-on assistance with breastfeeding, and guidance for breastfeeding challenges. Will assess breast milk supply, provide pre and post-feeding weight check, and revise infant feeding plan as needed. May also implement alternative feeding methods and provide assistance with breast pumps. Follow-up visits are approximately ninety minutes.

Returning to Work Session $250

Provides guidance to help ease the transition back to work, addressing the lactation needs and issues specific to the worksite. Prepares mothers for pumping, offers advice for increasing and maintaining milk supply, and guidelines for breast milk collection and storage. This session is approximately ninety minutes, and includes an individualized breastfeeding and pumping plan based on your work schedule as well as your baby’s needs.